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Pregnancy is a very beautiful phase of a woman’s transition into a mother! What makes it even better is the inclusion of nutrient dense foods to help the foetus get - 

- strong bones (which depends on the calcium, magnesium and vitamin D levels of the mother)
- better haemoglobin levels (This depends on the iron and iron binding capacity of the mother)
- better formation of different layers of the brain ( which depends on the god quality fat intake of the mother)
- better muscle structure (which depends on the good quality protein intake and the fitness levels of the mother)
- better thinking ability (depends on the peaceful mind with which the mother eats food
- better neuro-musular co-ordination (depends on the vitamin and mineral intake during pregnancy)
- less fat deposition and less chances of lifestyle diseases in the later years of life (depends on the physical activity of the mother and the balanced nutritional intake of the mother) 

happiness via stomach :)