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Diabetes is of 3 types 

1) Type 1 Diabetes - The body does not produce Insulin. Approximately 10 % of the cases are Type 1 Diabetics.
2) Type 2 Diabetes - The body does not produce enough insulin for proper bodily functions. Approximately  90% of the cases are Type 2 Diabetics.
3) Gestational Diabetes - This surfaces during pregnancy and may or may not persist as a permanent condition after the delivery of the baby.

The steps in Dietary Management of Diabetes include 1) Meals at regular intervals 2) High fibre intake which has a proper combination of soluble as well as insoluble fibre. 3) Management of sodium levels of blood 4) Management of Lipid profile 5) Management of Kidney functions and 6) Physical exercise to keep the muscles healthy and active.

Dietary Management would include step by step change in the daily routine and a constant monitoring for minimum 3 months.